A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands.

A balanced diet is chocolate in one hand and coffee in the other.

A day without chocolate is a day without sunshine.

A little too much chocolate is just about right.

All I really need is love but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt! -Lucy VanPelt, by Charles Schulz

And on the eighth day God created chocolate.

Behind every successful woman is an endless supply of chocolate.

Calories don’t count when you’re on vacation.

Chocolate comes with a price…control-top pantyhose.

Chocolate comes with a price…complete loss of control.

Chocolate doesn’t make the world go round but it certainly makes the trip worthwhile.

Chocolate is a girl’s best friend.

Chocolate is an essential nutrient.

Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don’t need an appointment.

Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays.

Chocolate is that unspoken base of the food pyramid.

Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is!

Chocolate makes your clothes shrink.

Chocolate…it’s not just for breakfast anymore.

Death by chocolate. What a way to go!

DO NOT DISTURB: chocolate frenzy in progress.

Everyone has a price…mine is chocolate.

Feed me chocolate.

Forget love…I’d rather fall in chocolate.

Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookies of life.

Fueled by chocolate.

Give me chocolate and no one gets hurt!

Given enough chocolate, I could rule the world!

God gives us no stress we can’t handle without chocolate.

Hand over the chocolate and no one gets hurt!

I am a woman of many moods and they all require chocolate.

I love you as much as chocolate itself!

I never met a chocolate I didn’t like. -Deanna Troi in Star Trek

I only eat chocolate for you. So there’s more of me to love.

I only eat chocolate for you, so you won’t get fat.

I want it all and I want it smothered in chocolate and whipped cream with a cherry on top.

I would give up chocolate but I’m no quitter.

If aliens from other planets knew we had chocolate our world economy would be set for generations to come.

If God meant us to be thin He wouldn’t have created chocolate.

If I eat equal amounts of dark chocolate and white chocolate is that a balanced diet?

If it isn’t chocolate, then it isn’t breakfast!

If it’s not about chocolate, don’t ask me.

I’ll eat anything as long as it’s covered in cheese or chocolate.

I’m not overweight, I’m CHOCOLATE enhanced.

In case of emergency, administer chocolate.

In Heaven, chocolate has no calories and is served as the main course.

Keep calm and eat more chocolate.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. -Forest Gump

Life is like a box of chocolates…full of nuts.

Life is short…eat more chocolate.

Life without chocolate is no life at all.

Make mine chocolate!

Man cannot live by chocolate alone but women can.

Milk chocolate is a dairy food.

Money talks but chocolate sings!

My blood type is chocolate.

Never get between a woman and her chocolate!

Never underestimate the power of chocolate.

Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies. -John Q. Tullius

One of life’s great mysteries is how a two pound box of chocolate can make a person gain five pounds.

Peace, love and chocolate.

Proud chocolate addict.

Q. How many calories are there in a piece of chocolate? A. WHO CARES!

SAVE THE EARTH…it’s the only planet with chocolate.

Seven days without chocolate makes one weak.

So much chocolate, so little time!

The 12 step Chocoholic’s Program: NEVER be more than 12 steps away from chocolate.

The best thing in life is chocolate.

There are really only two food groups, chocolate and fruit. Now if your fruit is covered in chocolate than you’re set for the day.

There is a thin woman living inside of me. I keep her sedated with chocolate.

There is no “Chocoholics Anonymous” because no one wants to quit!

There is nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate.

Those low-fat bars taste great dipped in chocolate.

True friendship means sharing your last bar of chocolate.

What really came first, the woman or the chocolate bar?

What you see before you, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate. -Katharine Hepburn

When no one understands you, there is always chocolate.

Who says chocolate isn’t a food group?!!

Will work for chocolate.

Women have known for years that the best over-the-counter remedy is chocolate.


Chocolate Sayings

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